Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy Services

I see individual teens and adults (ages 16+) through virtual psychotherapy sessions. 

I can see any client residing in Ontario.

Sessions are either 1 hour ($140 + HST) or 1.5 hours ($180 + HST) in length.
Sliding scale spots are available based on financial need ($105 +HST per hour).
Fees are reimbursable by any insurance company which accepts Registered Psychotherapy or Counselling.

My approach...

You are not just your thoughts: you are a whole system of the physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and societal spheres of your life. 

I bring the body into session: where are you holding tension and strain? What are these sensations trying to tell us? Thinking systemically, which messages have you absorbed that influence your thoughts and patterns? Are your spiritual needs being fulfilled, or can this distress point us to some needs your heart/soul are nudging you to attend to? What is happening in your environment, and what changes can be made to better support your growth and flourishing? 

2. Integrative

One size does not fit all when it comes to our personal inner worlds. There are many therapeutic approaches I draw from and integrate, depending on the needs of the client. My favourites are Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Humanistic Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, Somatic and Nervous System focus, and Existential Therapy. 

3. Client-Driven

I am not an expert on your life and your journey. I am a "fellow traveler" beside you, as we navigate this path together. In my work, I value incorporating the client's own worldview and values into session instead of imposing my own. It's all about helping foster their intuitive voice and access to their own compass. 


What is your anxiety trying to tell you? How was it learned, and what kind of positive & compassionate relationship can we build with it? I primarily focus on nervous system regulation, ACT (acceptance & mindfulness-based), EFT (looking at this emotion as pointing to our needs), somatic, and trauma-informed approaches when dealing with anxiety.


My approach to depression is holistic in nature. What are the biological/neurological components of your experience? What are the social, systemic, and environmental components? What has changed over time, and what patterns can we see? And, most importantly: how can we look for moments of hope, positivity, and joy and learn to follow & carve out space for these? Employing an existential approach - how can we hold out on our horizon (even through the dark patches) the light of what's meaningful and makes your life worth living?

Self Esteem & Self Worth

The most important commitment I have is to fostering unconditional self-acceptance and self-compassion; we learn too much conditional self-worth, pressure, and shame, when the root of finding true peace with ourselves and our world is to believe we are enough now, just as we are.

What would believing this change for you? I know all too well how we can be pulled away from listening to (and valuing) our needs, and paying attention to that inner compass deep down which always knows the way. We just need the space and permission to listen to it and to its signals. 

Relationships & Interpersonal Dynamics

Whether in the context of romantic, peer, or familial relationships, I use an emotion-focused and attachment-based lens (EFT) to help you navigate interpersonal dynamic difficulties. I will always be attuned to your needs, and commit to helping you realize and assert them yourself.

This may be beneficial for those looking to navigate current relationships, as well as for those looking to explore their own personal attachment and relationship patterns.

Sex & Intimacy

My practice is actively anti-shame, with a commitment to being sex positive. Using my holistic approach, we examine the broader context surrounding the client's presenting concerns, including the client's emotional, social, physical, psychological, and societal experience.

My sex therapy work includes (but is not limited to) talk therapy surrounding following concerns: 

Food, Health, & Body Image

I promote body positivity and self-acceptance, with a strong commitment to forming healthy relationships with food and movement through intuitive and mindful approaches. My approach is firmly anti diet-culture, and strongly Health at Every Size affirming.

I work in line with the client's own goals to provide support for:

Spiritual & Existential Struggles

To me, spirituality encompasses anything we feel gives our lives meaning, sense, and purpose. 

All client religious/spiritual traditions (or lack thereof) are included in this definition, as well as all personal values and belief systems. With my training in Counselling and Spirituality, my number one rule is always to work within the framework of your own beliefs and worldview in order to locate what is meaningful and purposeful in your own life.

I work with those both within and outside of religious/spiritual traditions in order to navigate:

Grief & Death

Loss comes in many forms, and grief accompanies any type of loss. Grief may occur at the end of a significant relationship, for example, or can accompany any other type of significant transition or change.

Of course, grief is also prominent when we lose, or anticipate to lose, someone we love. 

In the middle of a largely death-avoidant culture, it is important to have spaces to speak honestly and openly about death and dying - whether this is about the death/illness of a loved one, or your own end of life experience.

I provide support for those experiencing grief of all forms. In our session, we will build a safe container of a space where it is "okay to not be okay". Our grief, like all emotions, means something:  let's hold your grief as a sacred expression of what touches your heart deeply. 

Self-Exploration & General Emotional Processing

I provide client-driven, holistic, and integrative support for a range of emotional difficulties/experiences and self exploration needs. My commitment is to holding a general space for comfort, care, and grounding so you can listen inward. 

We do not always need to have particular goals to work toward: you are welcome to find in our work together a space of safety and a committed time for self-care. We will work creatively and collaboratively to make a space that works best for you as a whole, unique person. 

Payment & Fees

Sessions are $140+HST (1 hour) or $180+HST (1.5 hours)

Practice Information

My services are virtual-only.

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CRPO License #11651;  CCPA Certification #10009424