Angeline Boswell

A virtual practice, working with anyone residing in Ontario. 

To me, therapy is a warm, comfortable space we build together; it’s an hour outside of your everyday life, a shared place we can process whatever needs to be processed from the safety of. Care, compassion, non-judgement and a genuine therapeutic relationship are the foundations of our work together and are my main priorities. My focus is always holistic: we have to look at every layer - from the cues your body and nervous system are giving you to the societal messages surrounding you - to reach not just the bandaids but the deeper roots of distress and, ultimately, growth.

I am trained firstly as a client-centred therapist, able to explore with you any general emotional difficulties or personal goals you may need extra support for right now. This is your place for processing, grounding, and self-exploration. I also specialize and have had extensive training in: sex, intimacy, & relationship therapy; grief, death, & loss; food, health, & body image, and spiritual/existential struggles. I centre in body positivity & an intuitive approach to health.

Being a client-centred therapist means that I tune into your unique worldview, values, and sources of meaning as the basis of our work, and adapt around your needs creatively and collaboratively. You are the expert on your own life experience, and you have in you everything you need to grow. I believe my role as a therapist is to help you access your own internal compass and its signals. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves the space and permission to listen inward!


CRPO License #11651;  CCPA Certification #10009424