Hi, I'm Angeline.

Angeline Antonakos Boswell, MA, Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Canadian Counsellor

First, let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I do this. 

I wasn't always going to be a therapist. But during a time of difficulty in my life, a lot of people showed me a lot of love and support, and I realized how much brighter the world could be once I knew how to look for the light in it (PS: I now strongly believe that people, like plants, know how to grow and have all they need inside them to grow, as long as the obstacles are removed for them to find the light). I took a pause from studies, and worked on a permaculture farm in the Balkans (where my roots are) where I was surrounded by nature, interconnection, and community; there I asked myself what I really needed in order to be fulfilled. It turns out, contributing to a sense of connection in this world, and working towards a holistic sense of wellbeing in myself, others, and the community is what makes my heart tick. 

In my work and in my training, I centre: incorporating the client's own worldview and values into session instead of imposing my own; deconstructing unhelpful societal messages; and challenging the tendency to pathologize the individual instead of looking at collective systems of wellness. 

I strongly believe that we are a part of one another - that we are a part of our communities and our earth - and tending to those spaces we interconnect is meaningful. 

I have dedicated my life to seeking individual and collective wellbeing, and sharing that journey with others, like yourself, is an honour. Being a therapist is not only a job to me, but is part of what I feel I have been put on this earth to do. If you feel emotionally held in a world & system that can often be cold and uncaring, then I am doing what I'm meant to be doing.

My co-therapist on the window ledge...

Outside of session...

I also run a donation garden which feeds some local food access hubs, helping people in need access fresh produce. (Plus fulfilling my own passion for working outdoors in ecologically conscious ways). I volunteer in different capacities for the welfare of animals, such as in a local farm animal sanctuary.

Assisting underserved communities in accessing food and basic needs is a huge driver for me. I work with local organizations to deliver and serve free items and food, and to contribute to a free community space (community is a basic need too!). 

I have a dog and a cat and live in the country. I adore cooking, reading, and let's be honest, watching Netflix and doing nothing whenever possible. In the winter, I'll sometimes be in Greece where my family is from, working virtually!


Licenses & Memberships:

Training & Certificates:

CRPO License #11651;  CCPA Certification #10009424