Angeline Boswell
MA, RP (Qualifying)

A virtual practice, working with anyone residing in Ontario.

Healing is holistic. We have to look at everything from the cues your body is giving you to the societal messages surrounding you in order to reach not just the bandaids but the deeper roots of distress and, ultimately, growth. I don’t see just the symptoms: I see the entire person in front of me, with your rich, unique history and complex experiences that make you you. The most important commitment I have is to fostering unconditional self-acceptance and self-compassion; we learn too much conditional self-worth, pressure, and shame, when the root of finding true peace with ourselves and our world is to believe we are enough now, just as we are.

What would believing this change for you? I know all too well how we can be pulled away from listening to (and valuing) our needs, and paying attention to that inner compass deep down which always knows the way. We just need the space and permission to listen to it and to its signals. Let’s carve out that space together.

I specialize in anxiety, depression, & self worth, sex & relationship therapy, disordered eating, and spiritual/existential struggles including death anxiety. This is what I care most about: anti-shame, positive relationships to our body and health, pursuits of deeper values and meaning, unlearning harmful societal messages, and learning to love ourselves just for "being".


  • Anxiety, Depression, & Self Worth

  • Sex & Relationship Therapy

  • Disordered Eating & Body Image Issues

  • Spiritual & Existential Struggles

  • Grief & Death

  • Life Transitions

  • Shame & Guilt

  • Burnout

  • Peer & Family Conflict

  • General Emotional Difficulties